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Revision Description Author Date
3c64d... Core 5.4.8: - fix CRG issues when XServer offline - CR Social debug code Jayd 04:12:54


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Ghostlands FS#3135 Rotting Heart hiány Wyky DC után 18:49:45
Dragonblight FS#4302 Reconstructed wyrm perma freeze Kimbatt 18:17:08
Warlock FS#4288 Affli warlock dotok frissitése Chris 11:03:46
Paladin FS#4282 Seal of Truth Chris 11:03:38


Revision Description Author Date
840f8... Core 5.4.8: - cr social error handle Jayd 12:32:12
59c00... Core 5.4.8: - fix async issues with cr social add friend/ignore Jayd 12:13:16
29503... Core 5.4.8: - fix crash Jayd 10:52:45
8b648... core 548: misc Chris 10:03:19
1a67d... Core 5.4.8: - fix CR Social issue (hack fix) Jayd 02:23:56


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Shaman FS#4280 Shaman One Shot Chris 20:34:04
Hunter FS#4259 Pets do not attack if you get in combat while mounted and then dismount Lightguard 18:17:11
Monk FS#4264 PTR - MW monk pvp (Copperskin) set bonus Lightguard 15:20:43
Warlock FS#4266 PTR - Warlock PVP set bonus Lightguard 14:53:13
Warrior FS#4102 Double Time Lightguard 13:26:47
Orgrimmar FS#3424 Calm Before the Storm Wyky DC után 12:42:35


Revision Description Author Date
ad295... Core 5.4.8: - improve bg queue debug commands Jayd 21:08:37
08e2c... core 548: Lightning Shield Chris 20:17:01
e50e7... Core 5.4.8: pet reaction Lightguard 18:16:58
5ab0a... core 548: - LFD related modifications for new dungeon scaling system. - Smart action modifications - Scholomance redone. (ToDo: Trash loot) Chris 16:42:41
855a0... core 548: misc Wow 15:54:45
e55a0... Core 5.4.8: - fix cr social player access issue Jayd 15:46:31
30ccb... Core 5.4.8: - fix CR Social issues Jayd 15:25:03
07982... Core 5.4.8: Double Time, warlock pvp 4p, monk mistw. pvp 2+4p, Touch of Chaos / Chaos Wave Lightguard 13:27:32
ac84d... Core 5.4.8: - typo fix Jayd 12:50:41
168e0... Core 5.4.8: - cr social debug Jayd 12:37:26
1f433... core 548: Scholomance related fixes Chris 10:41:18
d8a3c... Core 5.4.8: - CR Social debug code Jayd 10:28:34
0451c... core 548: vale of eternal blossoms spell script & misc Kimbatt 01:33:21


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
The Jade Forest FS#4256 No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy Kimbatt 22:41:00
The Jade Forest FS#4255 The Mission Kimbatt 22:34:48
Dread Wastes FS#4127 Better Off Dread Kimbatt 16:51:29
Rogue FS#4234 shroud of concealment Lightguard 16:36:18
Priest FS#3941 Psyfiend Lightguard 16:07:28
Townlong Steppes FS#4121 Big Bag of Mysteries Kimbatt 16:06:27
Dread Wastes FS#4173 Speed King: locust jump Kimbatt 15:45:43
The Jade Forest FS#4181 [PTR] - Smiling Waiyu Kimbatt 15:39:56
Townlong Steppes FS#4189 [PTR] - Ranger Rescue Kimbatt 15:39:41
Townlong Steppes FS#4196 [PTR] - Kali the Night Watcher Kimbatt 15:32:57
Priest FS#3953 From Darkness, Comes Light Lightguard 15:26:14
Shaman FS#4065 RESTRO - Ancestral Vigor - Rosszul működik. Lightguard 15:20:33
Druid FS#4115 [Guardian] Vengeance Lightguard 15:01:28
Druid FS#4243 Incarnation: Tree of Life Lightguard 14:49:45


Revision Description Author Date
8cb3a... core 548: Tempfix for deadlock Chris 20:25:59
6f3ac... core 548: misc Chris 20:23:42
92812... Core 5.4.8: - fix LFD status report for client - fix CRLFD issues - fix CRInstance issues after server restart Jayd 19:52:17
c8247... Core 5.4.8: misc Lightguard 17:35:00
df27d... Core 5.4.8: misc, Shroud of Concealment Lightguard 17:32:28
98695... core 548: bug report fixes Kimbatt 16:53:00
52e7c... Core 5.4.8: Incarnation, Glyph of Freezing Trap, Divine Purpose, Vanish, Venomous Wounds, Stormlash Totem, Ancestral Vigor, Echo of the Elements, Disable, Vengeance Lightguard 16:12:46