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Revision Description Author Date
360d7... Core 5.4.8: - fix death prevention Jayd 12:35:46


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Icecrown FS#31746 Quest Bug - Eliminate the Competition (Quest ID: 12955) Chris 06:49:54
Stonetalon Mountains FS#31908 Jin'zil's Blessing Chris 06:22:18
Arena of Annihilation FS#32022 Last mob in trial unattackable Chris 06:18:29
NO FLAG FS#31944 ordos Aithne 00:56:11


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Brawler's Guild FS#31792 Nibbleh in the Brawler's Guild is COMPLETELY broken. Chris 07:51:08
Eastern Plaguelands FS#31862 Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt Bug Chris after rest... 06:58:09
Zul'Farrak FS#31824 3 boss nem reagál Chris 06:52:33
Scholomance FS#31814 Adds Are Not Attackable @ Darkmaster Gandling Chris 06:41:37


Revision Description Author Date
3b3f0... core 548: misc Chris 11:14:31
600fa... core 548: flag reserve Chris 10:08:02
444ee... core 548: implement a one auratype Chris 08:54:13



Revision Description Author Date
72609... core 548: Compile fix Chris 14:05:38


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Deepholm FS#31744 Undying Twilight Quest Still not working Chris 11:24:57
Timeless Isle FS#31718 Zhu Gon the Sour Unattackable Chris 10:14:42


Revision Description Author Date
81bd4... core 548: threat related fix Chris 13:10:17
e13f2... core 548: Fix some pet attack problem Chris 10:10:45


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Felwood FS#31546 "A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow" quest. "Incorrect target". Chris 13:10:56
Westfall FS#31442 'A Vision of the Past' Westfall quest, scene stops Chris a 12:59:39
NO FLAG FS#31644 Bloodlines Ancient Guardians can't attack mobs Chris after rest... 11:57:25
Valley of the Four Winds FS#31518 Quest mobs for the "Students no more" quest are untargetable. Chris 11:42:32
NO FLAG FS#31452 Shatari Skyguard Chris 11:34:51
Townlong Steppes FS#31456 Quest bug - Breach in the Defenses Chris after rest... 11:22:54
Tanaris FS#31504 Alliance flightmaster Chris 10:21:48
Deepholm FS#31552 undying twilight quest notworking Chris 10:20:43
Tanaris FS#31396 Alliance Gryphon Master in Tanaris killing horde whenever they enter her aggro range Chris 10:14:22
End Time FS#31378 End time echo of jaina Chris 10:10:18
Bloodmyst Isle FS#31258 Razormaw is not killable Chris 09:41:35
Hellfire Peninsula FS#31432 Quest Bloody Vengeance Chris 09:36:22
Kun-Lai Summit FS#31608 "The Monkey King" BUG Chris 09:33:11
Hellfire Peninsula FS#31450 Cleansing the Waters quest buggol Chris 09:28:37
Icecrown FS#31682 [Quest] The Air Stands Still Chris 09:25:50
Firelands FS#31402 Cannot Attack NPC to Complete Daily Quest Chris 09:08:31
Deepholm FS#31668 Undying Twilight, mobs can't be attacked. Chris 08:58:06


Revision Description Author Date
36bc7... core 548: Fix auragenerator typo Chris 11:22:23



Revision Description Author Date
cb7fc... Core 5.4.8: - misc Jayd 13:20:58


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
The Jade Forest FS#31366 "Smoke Before Fire" quest not working at all Chris 07:28:28


Revision Description Author Date
5db73... Core 5.4.8: - fix bg group invalid operations Jayd 17:31:38
3a9d7... Core 5.4.8: - misc Jayd 08:30:49
5610f... core 548: misc Chris 07:20:49
59798... core 548: fix crash Chris 07:17:35
044ac... core 548: tempfix for dynamicobject/areatrigger entry based area fill Chris 07:14:35


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Cataclysm FS#31460 i cant start quest "strike at the heart" Chris 12:11:19
Echo Isles FS#31462 [An ancient enemy] main quest cant be advanced Chris 12:05:21
Echo Isles FS#31486 At the quest 'An Ancient Enemy' script wont start Chris 12:05:08



Revision Description Author Date
1da65... core 548: Fix typo Chris 14:20:55
7ad4a... core 548: Generic way for not attackable. This may cause many problem, but it's necessary Chris 13:17:19
cbca1... Core 3.3.5: - misc Jayd 12:25:05
5d17e... Core 5.4.8: - fix damage issue Jayd 12:02:38


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Priest FS#31044 Nem lehet trinketelni a chastiset Aithne 16:27:27