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Revision Description Author Date
5da29... Core 5.4.8: - Pet Battle: Implement effects, more result for stat changed, refactor code Jayd 03:34:18



Revision Description Author Date
7e6ec... Core 5.4.8: - Pet Battle: - Fix final result - Fix stack deep issue with round results Jayd 23:00:28
49d55... Core 5.4.8: - Pet Battle: - Fix issue with Turn Instance handler - Refactor Pet Ability code - Implement more effect (85% completions) - fix some client update issue Jayd 22:16:40
5cef4... Core 5.4.8: - Pet Battle: - Implement mechanic Ability always first, ability proc - Implement more Effects (70% completions) Jayd 02:45:27



Revision Description Author Date
d4947... Core 5.4.8: - fix smart invalid aura handle Jayd 21:07:05
f4fa9... Core 5.4.8: - fix journal save status after battle pet slot changed - Pet Battle: - fix forfeit issues - Implement mechanics Turn Lock, Pet Swap Lock, Multi Turn Effect (not same multi turn abilities), Weather State checks - Implement more effects ( Jayd 17:11:50
0c2b8... core 548: debug code Chris 12:11:14
205bc... core 548: Added debug code Chris 11:44:31
8f213... Core 5.4.8: - Pet Battle: Added more effect handler for ability system Jayd 02:39:55


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Death Knight FS#5180 Death Grip Lightguard 15:11:49
Priest FS#5189 Shadow priest mastery Lightguard 14:14:03
Valley of the Four Winds FS#5104 Sack of White Turnips és tsai (Cooking) Kimbatt 02:12:51
Valley of the Four Winds FS#5166 Sack of White Turnips - Nem ad itemet Kimbatt 02:12:47
NO FLAG FS#5085 Sack of White Turnips Kimbatt 02:12:43
Kun-Lai Summit FS#4979 [EN] Contending With Bullies - q Kimbatt after rest... 02:12:28


Revision Description Author Date
5b800... core 548: fix crash Chris 19:50:17
b0b6f... core 5.4.8 - Mogu'shan Vaults: Gara'jal the Spiritbender - 90% Higi 19:33:17
4bab9... core 548: Fix crash Chris 19:27:41
4f94e... Core 5.4.8: - fix typo in debug command - Implement basic Wild pet reinforcement - Fix correct zone stat for wild battle pets Jayd 15:13:48
c341b... Core 5.4.8: misc Lightguard 15:04:04
28f41... Core 5.4.8: Death Pact, Shadowy Recall, Alter Time, Mirror Image, fix typo Lightguard 14:25:19
46eac... Core 5.4.8: - fix mini pet summon issues from Pet Journal - Pet Battle: Improve ability mechanical - Added more effects Jayd 13:25:52
0dd27... Core 5.4.8: - Pet Battle: Improve ability system, fix aura round report, added some effect and crowd control mechanic/immunity - Implement wild pet stat store until respawn - Improve wild AI - Jayd 03:18:32


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Druid FS#5082 Feral - Rip sebzés Lightguard 15:59:59
Hellfire Peninsula FS#3733 fulgorge Wyky DC után 15:34:42
Warrior FS#5101 Warrior banner HP Lightguard 14:20:04
Warrior FS#5116 Sudden Death vs Strikes of Opportunity (Colossus Smash Cooldown Reset nem megy) Lightguard 14:04:47
Death Knight FS#5123 Death Pact Lightguard 13:49:25
Mage FS#5145 Alter Time buff durations Lightguard 13:31:27
Valley of the Four Winds FS#4908 [EN] The Beginner's Brew - q Webby 12:15:35
Valley of the Four Winds FS#5111 Where Silk Comes From Webby Next resta... 12:11:40
Valley of the Four Winds FS#4044 Pest problems Webby 12:10:58
Valley of the Four Winds FS#4811 Puntable Marmot item nem működik Webby 12:10:22
Valley of the Four Winds FS#4993 Farm küldetések Webby Restart ut... 12:07:13
Shadow Labyrinth FS#3707 Quest: Entry Into Karazhan Wyky DC után 10:25:33
Pandaria FS#5100 Superior / Epic Chris DC/Restart... 06:30:20


Revision Description Author Date
9bace... Core 5.4.8: - fix battle pet slot swap - fix petbattle aura/proc issues - fix petbattle miss chance calculation Jayd 18:05:34
60a6e... core 548: Improve SMART_ACTION_REMOVE_TIMED_EVENT Chris 16:36:18
434e7... core 548: Fix deadlock Chris 15:55:11
8f6cb... core 548: Fix crash Chris 14:25:02
0f3ae... Core 5.4.8: pet behavior Lightguard 12:40:42
ebc48... Core 5.4.8: Summon Gargoyle, pet behavior, Dancing Rune Weapon Lightguard 12:05:21
bba28... Core 5.4.8: - misc again..... Webby 11:57:36
a1966... core 548: fix typo Chris 11:52:44
86e49... core 548: Fix aura visibility problem Chris 11:49:13
16785... Core 5.4.8: - misc Webby 11:02:28
5fd97... Core 5.4.8: - fix loot typo Webby 11:02:04
da2f4... core 548: misc Tauri 10:32:27
98f65... Core 5.4.8: - Quest Fix - The Mile-High Grub Webby 10:28:42
4fed8... core 548: Fix crash Chris 09:24:11