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Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Warlock FS#10239 Warlock - Demonic Gateway Chris 11:57:42
Global class bug FS#8364 Vengeance (yet again) Chris After cras... 11:51:48
Global class bug FS#9626 Just Vengeance Things Chris DC/Restart... 11:51:34


Revision Description Author Date
8b4b5... core 548: Fix typo Chris 15:16:10
e6f6a... core 548: More Vengeance fix Chris 15:13:53
8f6e4... core 548: More Vengeance fix Chris 14:30:49
025ea... core 548: Re-enabled diminishing for vengeance Chris 11:50:36
5def9... core 548: Vengeance - Persistent Area Auras no longer provide Vengeance gains (except Challenge Mode) - Diminishing temporary disabled Chris 10:03:51
d7e96... core 548: Fix typo Chris 09:16:07
452dd... core 548: Implement Vengeance taunt mechanism Chris 08:54:34


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Pet Battle FS#10146 Moonkin Hatchling Interactivity missing Jayd 17:47:57
Pet Battle FS#9729 Val'kyr ress Jayd 17:09:54
Pet Battle FS#10154 Searing Scorchling interactivity missing Jayd 16:54:43
Pet Battle FS#10155 Lil'Ragnaros interactivity missing Jayd 16:49:29
Heart of Fear FS#10212 Amber-Shaper Un'Sok - Amber Monstrosity - Stomp Higi DC után jó... 15:47:49
Mount Hyjal FS#4538 A Bird in Hand - if the harpy is 1hp, it doesn't work Higi DC után jó... 15:05:23
Pet Battle FS#10156 Willy interactivity missing Jayd 15:04:45
Epic FS#8943 Spirits of the Sun, Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal, and Relic of Chi-Ji Higi DC után jó... 14:58:44
Inscription FS#7943 Runescroll of Fortitude III Higi DC után jó... 14:52:14
Twilight Highlands FS#9611 Twilight Higlands zeppelin Higi DC után jó... 14:49:03
Hunter FS#9516 Ankha and Magria Higi DC után jó... 14:19:25
Warlock FS#9900 Grimoire of Supremacy pet hp Chris 13:53:28
Priest FS#10072 Glyph of Smite Atonement Chris DC/Restart... 13:46:40
Mage FS#10074 Arcane Missile procc Lightguard 13:21:58
Mage FS#10132 Combustion Lightguard 13:17:34
Pet Battle FS#10166 Apocalypse Jayd 12:57:34
Pet Battle FS#10174 Időjárás hatások Jayd 12:49:40
Core FS#10281 Dual Wielding NPCs have a severe off-hand penalty Chris After cras... 12:48:13
Druid FS#9624 Nature's Vigil not healing caster Lightguard 12:42:52
Challenge Mode FS#10260 2hr Challenge Mode Instance Lock Chris 12:42:00
Priest FS#10077 Glyph of Shifted Appearances Bug Lightguard 12:33:56
Hunter FS#10118 Glyph of Animal Bond hunter Lightguard 12:26:40
Pet Battle FS#10290 Howling Blast Jayd 12:14:42
Monk FS#10039 Grapple Weapon buff pve Lightguard 11:02:28
Warlock FS#10053 Shroud of Concealment invisible Gateway Lightguard 10:59:06


Revision Description Author Date
e66b6... core 548: -ToC: Minor fixes -Challenge mode: Mass Ressurection will no longer resurrect players inside challenge mode dungeons Gam 20:03:57
9d3fa... Core 5.4.8: - fix pet battle abilities - implement emote condition test - implement critter spell explicit targeting Jayd 19:44:40
af14c... core 548: misc Chris 19:00:46
5635a... core 548: misc Chris 18:54:01
adb94... core 548: Vengeance - Restore to 5.4 - Restore 1.5% (1.8% in challenge mode) - Correctly implement "rampup" - Correctly use pre-mitigated damage - Correctly implement diminishing (except Challenge mode) - ToDo: Implement taunt vengeance mechanism Chris 18:48:24
d8f32... Core 5.4.8: - fix smart speed rate set - fix challenge mod bugs - fix smart text: broadcast text language Webby 15:50:36
f8870... Core 5.4.8: Throne of Thunder - Twin Consorts: * Cosmic Barrage (correct target count from hotfix) * Tidal Force + Visual Fix * Timers * P2 > P3 Transition * Correct abilities after one of the twins die at Dusk * ToDo Celestials Higi 14:07:20
e5c8f... core 548: Atonement Chris 13:46:39
9f0fd... Core 5.4.8: Nature's Vigil, Grapple Weapon, Glyph of Shifted Appearances, Shroud of Concealment, Glyph of Animal Bond, Combustion Lightguard 13:26:36
856a7... core 548: Fix FS#10281 Chris 12:48:49
28c5a... core 548: Challenge mode Chris 12:41:14


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Pet Battle FS#9728 Ancient Blessing Jayd 17:46:19
Pet Battle FS#10131 Jó pár pet battle Jayd ami hiba v... 17:44:34


Revision Description Author Date
821ee... core 548: -Trial of the Crusader: fix Icehowl becoming a dummy before massive crash -Todo: Fix massive crash knockback Gam 18:46:37
5ff7a... Core 5.4.8: Throne of Thunder - Twin Consorts: * Blazing Radiance * Ice Comet * Flames of Passion * Correct visuals for Constellation drawing (ToDo: blessings of the celestials) * [From Dusk 'til Dawn] Achievement * P1 > P2 Trans Higi 17:51:19