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Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Pet Battle FS#18472 Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 Jayd 12:51:59
Pet Battle FS#18751 Haymaker stuns the user if it kills the enemy pet Jayd 12:23:48


Revision Description Author Date
3aba3... core 548: Fix crash Chris 21:56:42
13515... core 548: Fix invalid read Chris 15:32:17
7ac14... Core 5.4.8: - added debug code to the weather system, what's wrong with event control - fixed the issue that didn't take the pet battle ability to success when the target died - implement [Revive Battle Pets] cooldown shared with the other characte... Jayd 12:40:40



Revision Description Author Date
88d7c... core 548: Unstable Iron Stars now triggered when 4 or more players are together (up from 3 players) on 10-player Heroic difficulty. Aithne 16:24:33
a9d55... core 548: opps Chris 12:39:41
30dd2... core 548: misc Aithne 11:45:46
1e6f5... core 548: disgusting Aithne 11:23:23
b4e3f... core 548: disable pvp item scale in arena/battleground Chris 11:02:41
94e7b... core 548: Season 14 reward helper Chris 10:59:54
7f614... core 548: Implement [Gaze of the Black Prince] and [Heart of the Valorous] Chris 09:49:10


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
NO FLAG FS#19890 tome of polymorph: rabbit Aithne Live 17:35:17


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Stormstout Brewery FS#19522 Hoplings do more damage than they are supposed to Aithne 16:11:43
Assault on Zan'vess FS#19422 Scenario - Assault on Zan'vess - STAGE 2 Aithne 16:05:59
Darkmoon Faire FS#10554 Darkmoon Pet Battle! (daily quest) Aithne 12:57:35
Ashenvale FS#19218 Vorsha the Lasher Muglash is missing Aithne 12:53:55
Gnomeregan FS#16922 Gnomeregan endless spawn at first boss Aithne 12:17:34
Sunwell Plateau FS#19830 Pattern: Fletcher's Gloves of the Phoenix Aithne 11:33:13



Revision Description Author Date
68fa6... core 548: Fix typo Chris 21:27:35
b368d... core 548: fix exploit Aithne 03:33:13
b2fa8... core 548: fix exploit. Lol. Aithne 00:56:50



Revision Description Author Date
0d2aa... core 548: Fix deadlock Chris 16:52:17


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Icecrown FS#19638 Argent Warhorse charge does not deal damage Aithne Needs rest... 21:59:21
The Storm Peaks FS#19686 NPC - Honest Max Aithne 21:41:17
Proving Grounds FS#19662 Proving ground talent Aithne Restart ut... 20:38:16
The Arcatraz FS#19700 Endless spawn of mobs in Alcatraz Aithne 19:36:05
Tanaris FS#19730 Rocket rescue Aithne 19:20:01
Tanaris FS#19260 life rockets Aithne 19:19:57
Tanaris FS#11892 Rocket Rescue Aithne 19:19:52
Uldum FS#19804 Portal to uldum doesnt show up Aithne 18:40:03
Icecrown Citadel FS#19528 Blood infuison Aithne Restart ut... 18:33:19
Pet Battle FS#19250 Battle Pet healing on Timeless Isle not working (not during the tournament) Aithne Restart ut... 18:17:02
Icecrown Citadel FS#19120 Once Bitten, Twice Shy does not complete (ICC 10N) Aithne Needs rest... 17:43:05


Revision Description Author Date
5811d... core 548: Stabled Campaign Warhorse Aithne 21:59:38
d111e... core 548: Hand of Salvation Aithne 21:00:58
a5d3c... core 548: misc Aithne 17:42:05



Revision Description Author Date
4e3e6... core 548: Fix deadlock Chris 23:53:59


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Hunter FS#19678 Pet Skill, Eternal Guardian Aithne Needs rest... 17:44:23
Hellfire Peninsula FS#19676 Area - Falcon Watch inn does not register resting area Aithne 15:44:16
Deepholm FS#19702 Glop, Son of Glop Aithne 15:41:46
NO FLAG FS#19764 .blizzlikexp command is not working during events Aithne 15:41:10
Core FS#18896 API UnitDetailedThreatSituation Aithne 15:37:01
NO FLAG FS#19232 Guild Vendor charges different price than shown Aithne Needs rest... 14:46:40
Proving Grounds FS#19766 Renewing Mist Aithne Needs rest... 14:37:47


Revision Description Author Date
bee35... core 548: misc Aithne 18:08:46
57cb6... core 548: Resurrection Aithne 17:42:50
06c4f... cpre 548: Threat packet Aithne 15:36:24
5a095... core 548: Renewing Mists Aithne 14:38:01



Revision Description Author Date
102c0... core 548: fix guild vendor for real Aithne 21:28:27