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Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Shaman FS#4119 Echo of the Elements Lightguard 14:36:43
Monk FS#4242 Disable Lightguard 13:52:48
Rogue FS#4211 Vanish Lightguard 13:41:56
Shaman FS#4194 PTR - Ascendance (Restoration) Lightguard 12:47:31
Paladin FS#4202 Divine pupose vol.2 Lightguard 12:30:40
Rogue FS#4233 Venomous wound Lightguard 12:18:23
Hunter FS#4236 Hunter Freezing trap glyph Lightguard 11:55:29
Shaman FS#4197 PTR - Stormlash Totem Lightguard 11:28:30
NO FLAG FS#4216 Crossrealm Chris 09:45:18
Monk FS#4229 Monk rollback. Chris 09:39:36


Revision Description Author Date
34da0... core 548: - Implement new aura type: SPELL_AURA_MAINTAIN_SUMMON - Improve areatrigger movement force - Improve dungeon scaling Chris 12:26:06
286f2... Core 5.4.8: - improve instance member validation Jayd 11:59:17
ef5d3... core 548: fix typo Chris 11:07:32
917ef... core 548: Compile fix Chris 09:16:11


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Dungeons/Raid FS#4215 RHC-n együtt az allis és hordás karakterek Chris 19:04:10
Death Knight FS#4199 Unholy Frenzy breaking cc Lightguard 17:14:25
Druid FS#4204 Priest Cyclone with Druid Symbiosis diminishing return Lightguard 16:37:40
Monk FS#4224 Roll is bugged Crawenhun Fixed with... 16:31:53
Priest FS#4205 PTR - Lightwell Lightguard 16:30:57
Monk FS#4219 fists of fury Lightguard 15:39:30
Global class bug FS#4218 Új slow effektek vs. slow immunity Lightguard 15:33:27
Howling Fjord FS#3370 Stunning defeat at the ring quest Wyky DC után 15:16:48
Silverpine Forest FS#3275 The waters run red... nevű küldi Wyky DC után 14:31:50
Hellfire Peninsula FS#2855 Hellfire Fortifications VS Monk Wyky DC után 11:50:44


Revision Description Author Date
04b24... core 548: fix unwanted item disappear after quest reward fix CRITERIA_FAIL_EVENT_SPELL_CASTER vale of eternal blossoms spell script Kimbatt 23:41:44
0bda4... Core 5.4.8: - fix CRG issues Jayd 22:41:23
7f29b... Core 5.4.8: - fix CRG issues Jayd 21:03:20
18c12... core 5.4.8: - Custom Phases + flags - GameObject > IsPlayerCaster - Lorewalker Cho - Storytime - All stories done + cosmetics for it too Higi 19:38:11
e7e61... Core 5.4.8: Cyclone (Symbiosis), Unholy Frenzy Lightguard 18:06:08
b52b7... core 548: Anticheat related modifications Chris 16:23:16
416b1... core 548: misc Chris 16:02:44
0b8fb... core 548: Fix Dungeon Finder ali/horda katyvasz Chris 15:54:08
59ec4... Core 5.4.8: Areatriggers, Fists of Fury Lightguard 15:33:41
47b5c... core 548: Fix dungeon finder join message visual bug Chris 15:25:59
dc50a... Core 5.4.8: - fix lfd issues Jayd 15:05:57
449ed... core 548: Fix Dungeon Finder visual queue problem with group join Chris 15:00:28
72b2b... Core 5.4.8: initial taxi nodes Lightguard 14:53:25
7ffa2... Core 5.4.8: - fix lfd team issues after role check Jayd 14:13:06
b25d1... core 548: Fix typo Chris 13:19:42
73238... Core 5.4.8 (Experimental Branch): - fix CRG uninvite from group and improve error handling with cross realm Jayd 12:44:42
fc0b7... core 548: teleport delay related fixes Chris 12:00:55
a63a8... Core 5.4.8 (Experimental Branch): - fix issues with CRG multiple cross invite when group on invitation state Jayd 11:37:36
943b1... Core 5.4.8 (Experimental Branch): - disable debug codes Jayd 11:12:56
cb7c5... core 548: Fix [It's Over Nine Thousand!] Chris 10:02:16
0a470... Core 5.4.8 (Experimental Branch): - Rewrite LFD group assembler: - now correct show assembled partial group - fix CRLFD locked instance descriptor handle - fix issues CRLFD with CRG Jayd 00:56:48


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Kun-Lai Summit FS#3712 PTR Do a Barrel Roll! : XP exploit Higi DC után jó... 19:43:02
Kun-Lai Summit FS#3473 My husband... Higi DC után jó... 19:38:07
Kun-Lai Summit FS#4200 [PTR] - Steelbender Doshu Higi DC után jó... 19:33:29
Kun-Lai Summit FS#3494 PTR uncle bigpocket Higi DC után jó... 19:32:31
Kun-Lai Summit FS#3653 PTR Yakity Yak : Misc Higi DC után jó... 19:28:57