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Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Death Knight FS#41990 Blood Tap not working properly Aithne 08:18:50
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#35160 Paragons of the Klaxxi vs The Golden Banana Aithne 07:50:58
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#19552 Paragons of the Klaxxi - Mutate: Amber Scorpion Aithne 07:02:29
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#35640 Paragons of the klaxxi : Scorpion Form Aithne 06:21:15
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#40780 Scorpion form and nature's vigil Aithne 06:14:00


Revision Description Author Date
56e21... core 548: fix exploit ffs Aithne 10:14:43
920c5... core 548: Blood Tap Aithne 08:18:38
1fc59... core 548: big fucking whoops Aithne 08:07:03
75dcc... core 548: misc hehe Aithne 07:46:56
79519... core 548: Rik'kal's Mutation will now prioritize dps over healers Aithne 07:02:03
3708e... core 548: backport ChannelIF from Legion because nobody complained and it's also needed here Aithne 06:21:04
b1ac2... core 548: slightly refactor chaintargeting Aithne 04:42:35


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#34646 SoO Immersius trash (Aqueous Defender) Aithne 16:17:45
Misc FS#19856 Fire Rocs HP in Tanaris Aithne 06:47:51
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#23390 Garrosh P4 bombardment not spawning. Aithne Fixed one ... 06:43:55


Revision Description Author Date
8f1ef... core 548: New GameObject flag: GO_FLAG_EXTRA_GRID_PRELOAD Chris 20:36:47
8fb41... core 548: amending is for weaklings Aithne 16:43:54
84c31... core 548: fix flipped bool and furter prettify target filling Aithne 16:42:36
50b70... core 548: így nézd Aithne 16:32:03
cc129... core 548: thanks Chris Aithne 16:28:30
499ea... core 548: refactor generic targetmap fill. If I untangled the spaghetti wrong, this may also cause issues, but this one is an easy commit to revert. Aithne 16:16:25
961b7... core 548: implement minradius handling for several targetmaps, because someone had to report a random trash mob in SoO that had a massive core issue. Hopefully this doesn't fuck anything up, but if this commit is wrong somewhere, I guess you'll rec... Aithne 16:08:06
4af95... core 548: Fix wild summon enterevademode Chris 15:09:55


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#37482 Garrosh: Explosive Despair Aithne 05:47:48
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#40012 Garrosh - Touch of Y'Shaarj & Pet's Damage Taken Aithne 05:36:19
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#42264 Paragons of the Klaxxi - Aim - Sonic Resonance Aithne 05:24:26
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#18888 Garrosh HC - 1st Transmission - Embodied Doubt Aithne 05:18:52
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#35226 General Nazgrim Aithne 04:42:49
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#38898 Thok vs taunts Aithne 04:38:29
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#42262 Paragons of the Klaxxi: Rapid Fire Aithne 04:23:28
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#18603 Siegecrafter Overcharged Laser and Immunities Aithne 04:05:51
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#18643 Garrosh Hellscream: Crushing Fear (heroic) Aithne 02:34:09


Revision Description Author Date
5e9c6... core 548: Explosive Despair Aithne 05:47:22
72082... core 548: Avoidance on Garrosh Aithne 05:36:07
929b1... core 548: Hisek Aim Aithne 05:24:16
89ac2... core 548: kill another instance of boundingradius Aithne 04:23:02
c2f9e... core 548: attribute Aithne 04:05:37


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#38824 LFR Spoils of Pandaria - Pandaren Boxes Aithne 08:08:23
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#20308 Garrosh P4: Manifest Rage vs Unstable Iron Star Aithne 07:54:52
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#20394 Siegecrafter Blackfuse - Sawblade Graphic Aithne 07:53:27
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#32448 Siegecrafter Blackfuse Sawblade Aithne 07:29:44
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#35978 Iron Juggernaut - Borer Drill stuck in wall and stepbro can't help Aithne 07:20:23
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#35770 Tortos/Malkorok vs Ancestral Vigor Aithne 07:17:22
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#19564 Paragons of the Klaxxi - Iyyokuk's Fiery Edge sometimes deals double (quadruple?) damage Aithne 07:16:14
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#38840 LFR Paragons of the Klaxxi - Kaz'tik the Manipulator - Hungry Kunchongs & Mesmerize Aithne 05:41:56
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#35980 Siegecrafter Blackfuse - Launch Sawblade + Automated Shredder Aithne hopefully ... 05:28:01
Siege of Orgrimmar FS#18611 Bonecrusher Trash Fracture Aithne 04:54:09


Revision Description Author Date
3d9f6... core 548: Fix a Dungeon Finder requeue issue Chris 11:31:26
a96d9... core 548: Ancestral Vigor Aithne 07:17:51
b43d9... core 548: Fiery Edge tweaks Aithne 07:15:43