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Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
The Shattered Halls FS#10416 Shattered Halls Combat Bug Fred 16:49:56
NO FLAG FS#10417 Lvl 5 Spiders Pvp flagged Fred 16:24:33
Orgrimmar FS#10397 Garrosh has Vol'jin text for Cata quests Fred 16:10:23
Heart of Fear FS#10424 Heart of Fear 10 Heroic bosses' melee damage. Cinci After next... 13:48:02
Heart of Fear FS#10423 Heart of Fear 25 Heroic bosses' melee damage. Cinci After next... 13:47:43
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#10425 Tsulong 10 Heroic melee damage. Cinci After next... 13:47:13


Revision Description Author Date
a4a46... core 548: Fix crash Chris 16:27:00


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Mogu'shan Vaults FS#10408 elegon celestial protector nem robban fel Cinci Ezeket meg... 21:30:12
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#10422 Sha of Fear - Sha Spine Cinci 21:29:52
Challenge Mode FS#10419 Mogu'shan Palace melee damage values Gam Fixed by A... 18:16:01
Hunter FS#10371 Grounding/spell reflect vs growl/hunters mark Lightguard 16:07:13
Rogue FS#6499 Glyph of Disguise Higi DC után jó... 15:57:24
Priest FS#10415 Psyfiend HP Lightguard 15:09:51
Shaman FS#10384 Ancestral Swiftness vs Maelstrom stacks Lightguard 14:06:27
Mage FS#10407 Arcane mage missiles Lightguard 11:58:50
Dungeons/Raid FS#10188 Heart of Fear/Terrace of Endless Spring 10 Heroic boss melee damage Cinci 00:22:54
Challenge Mode FS#10411 Gate of the Setting Sun melee damage values Gam Fixed by A... 00:13:14


Revision Description Author Date
d3581... core 548: Fix smartai templates vs conditions. (Brawler's Fix) Chris 21:19:51
bc574... core 548: Fix typo Chris 20:39:31
dfb2d... Core 5.4.8: - fix condition Webby 20:37:08
f0797... core 548: Compile speed restored Chris 16:55:48
d3910... core 548: Compile related fixes Chris 16:38:17
b6895... core 548: Try to speedup compile time Chris 16:16:41
a9313... core 5.4.8: Glyph of Disguise Higi 15:57:22
9d7ad... Core 5.4.8: psyfiend Lightguard 15:11:04
c4fec... core 548: misc Kimbatt 14:14:38
9bc15... Core 5.4.8: Shooting Stars, Dream of Cenarius, Arcane Missiles, Ancestral Swiftness, Malefic Grasp, Primal Elementalist, equipment sets Lightguard 14:06:12
707c4... core 548: Debug code Chris 13:31:41
39d24... core 548: Fix typo Chris 12:36:03
7c8a3... core 548: fix compile Chris 11:51:20
f61bb... core 548: Safe condition reload Chris 11:33:15


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Warlock FS#10394 Malefic Grasp animation Lightguard 16:36:51
Warrior FS#10380 Warrior Safeguard / intervene Chris DC/Restart... 14:49:31
[5.1.0] Brawler's Guild FS#9118 The Brassiest Knuckle Higi The fix is... 14:10:51
Priest FS#10338 Divine Star - From Darkness, Comes Light Chris After cras... 13:39:45
Challenge Mode FS#10388 Realm Best Challenge Mode Titles Chris After cras... 12:58:17
Pet Battle FS#10342 Arcane Winds vs. Frost Nova Jayd 12:42:56
Challenge Mode FS#9983 Scarlet Halls PTR Bugs (Full List) Webby 09:50:07


Revision Description Author Date
28108... core 548: misc Kimbatt 23:33:09
c25b3... core 5.4.8: New Condition System typo fix - Smart Template condition is now correctly filtered and won't be applied to the base creature anymore (if you want you could create a more better looking check for this) - This solves all DBM, etc -like boss fr Higi 22:56:18
732bf... core 5.4.8: - SPELL_PROPERTY2_CAN_KNOCK_BACK_VEHICLE (lassan ez is el fog fogyni chris :P) - Iron Qon: Rushing Winds - SPELL_AURA_MOD_ABSORB_EFFECTS_AMOUNT_PCT_2 Higi 21:16:01
63e53... Core 5.4.8: - misc Webby 19:45:14
50806... core 548: Compile fix Chris 19:22:39
e9807... core 548: ToC: Port more npcs to SmartScript Gam 18:42:59
b6778... core 548: -ToC: Port a few npc-s to SmartScript Gam 17:50:21
66224... core 5.4.8: - Fixed an issue with areatriggers that have PAA & Move Force at the same time Higi 15:56:17
3b033... core 548: Charge range Chris 14:49:34
c3154... Core 5.4.8: - fix pet battle immunity issue Jayd 13:02:25
7c772... core 548: Challenge mode title thing Chris 12:58:43
c4479... core 548: -ToC: Convert Frost Sphere to SmartScript -Todo: Fix double spawn after submerged anub hits the frost trap Gam 01:35:52