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Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Death Knight FS#8459 Anti-Magic Shell Chris DC/Restart... 20:05:24
Hallow's End FS#8443 The Headless Horseman insta Higi DC után jó... 17:04:14
Hallow's End FS#8447 Tricks and Treats of Pandaria - Horde Higi DC után jó... 17:03:56
Hallow's End FS#8448 Tricks and Treats of Pandaria - Alliance Higi DC után jó... 17:03:26
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8453 Tsulong Unstable Sha Higi Bent a fix 09:52:04


Revision Description Author Date
f63e5... core 548: Fix [Sinister Calling] achievement Chris 20:23:39
7e5b8... core 548: Rewrite [Anti-Magic Shell] Chris 20:03:34
fb08a... core 5.4.8: - Headless Horseman instance now uses the updated Scarlet Monastery map. - Tricks & Treats of Pandaria spawns added Higi 14:20:21


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
NO FLAG FS#8425 CC vs HoG. Lightguard 14:59:17
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8316 Range issues with Sha of Fear encounter Chris After rest... 13:52:13
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8437 Sha of Fear vs. lock&DK (diszkriminácillyó) Chris DC/Restart... 13:37:40
Priest FS#8409 Divine Insight vs Rapture Lightguard 11:44:20
NO FLAG FS#8438 Sha of fear -Ominous Cackle a hotfixek után Higi 00:08:46


Revision Description Author Date
d657e... core 548: Fix crash Chris 15:23:10
51b58... core 5.4.8: - Unstable Sha cast prevention if it's dead Higi 14:52:43
a76ea... Core 5.4.8: Glyph of Purify, Hand of Gul'dan, Rapture Lightguard 14:51:12
8de91... core 5.4.8: - Champion of the Light can't be transferred to already dead players anymore. (only server side check) Higi 13:09:29
b92b8... core 5.4.8: - Ominous Cackle typo fix... (It only filled 1 dps) Higi 00:09:03


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8394 Sha of Fear - Dupla Add Higi DC után jó... 18:28:00
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8416 Sha of Fear Higi DC után jó... 16:51:26
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8218 Sha of Fear Higi 16:50:06
Shaman FS#8427 Elem shaman T14 4P Lightguard 16:18:00
Priest FS#8434 Glyph of Purify(priest) Lightguard 16:02:48
Warlock FS#8417 Grimoire of Sacrifice vs Drain Soul Lightguard 15:47:13
Priest FS#8386 Holy Spark - healer PvP 2p bónusz Lightguard 12:54:48
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8404 Lei Shit HC Higi DC után jó... 09:35:50


Revision Description Author Date
549ab... core 548: crashfix Chris 18:45:10
9de4f... Core 5.4.8: Malefic Grasp, Drain Soul Lightguard 17:44:01
7d3ba... core 5.4.8: - A bit redundant solution for Sha of Fear Shrine add absorbs, but this avoids any unnecessary/unwanted damage absorbs - After Death Blossom there should be no more idle state for the Pandaren Higi 16:11:45
69ed4... core 548: Rename .bgfaction to .bg faction Chris 15:45:56
e1083... core 5.4.8: - Ominous Cackle + Shrine logic and mechanic completely redone - now it uses a more reliable method - No more more spawn duplication at shrines. If dps is low and all 3 shrines are occupied, the next 5 players will only get ported to the shrin Higi 15:31:20
a95ae... core 548: Implemented mercenary mode for battlegrounds. (.bgfaction command) Chris 14:36:04
b161c... core 5.4.8: Ominous Cackle logic: - Always fill 1 tank - preferring one without Fearless if none left but the one with Fearless add him/her - Always fill 1 healer - preferring one without Fearless if none left but the one with Fearless add him/her - Alway Higi 14:19:09
0f71c... Core 5.4.8: Touch of Karma, Atonement, Malefic Grasp, Grimoire of Service, Charge & root, Assassin's Resolve, Holy Spark Lightguard 12:53:19
27c27... core 5.4.8: - Guardian of Ancient Kings wont benefit twice from his owner's healing bonuses. (This fixes all unwanted extra heals for the Guardian if there have been any at all) * Issue was that the paladin heal was increased by the modifier which trigger Higi 12:24:34
98d3a... core 5.4.8: - Lei Shi: Scary fog stacking issue Higi 09:38:29


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Warrior FS#8396 Charge Ft. Root effektek Lightguard 16:25:44
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8377 Id bug in toes Higi 16:13:55
Terrace of Endless Spring FS#8419 Eltűnnek a Bossok TOES-ben Higi 16:11:07
Rogue FS#8385 assa rogue dmg Lightguard 15:52:36
Monk FS#8410 Touch of karma + ice block still bugged Lightguard 11:18:33


Revision Description Author Date
1433f... core 5.4.8: - Unstable bolt targeting should pick different players if there are more alive Higi 17:03:35
d81d8... core 5.4.8: - Haxx fix for Tsulong vs Raid Target spells Higi 13:38:33
2103b... core 5.4.8: - Glyph of Detox/Purify vs. Tsulong Day Phase Higi 12:04:11


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
Heart of Fear FS#8332 Blade Lord Ta'yak Kimbatt restart ut... 15:19:50
Heart of Fear FS#8164 Blade Lord Ta'yak - Tempest slash Kimbatt restart ut... 15:19:49
Heart of Fear FS#8282 Blade Lord Ta'yak HC Kimbatt restart ut... 15:19:49


Category Issue Closed By Comment Date
NO FLAG FS#8369 Szavazás Chris 15:02:29
Priest FS#8315 Discipline Priest Atonement healing range Lightguard 14:54:36
Druid FS#8374 need for speed Chris DC/Restart... 11:42:39